Having Trouble in our Community 

1.Can't Registration To Picsbay Account:

# if you registration form not showing wait till 5-10 sec it will road to registration section. Registration button on upper menu.
#If you can't Submit Registration Check The Registration Form again and Fill with Correct Data or Refresh The Form page or Check the Email Section only Invited Email Acceptable.
#If Your Email is not invited that's mean your not list on the premium List.
#Get invite By Email You have to Contact With Us
#After Registration You have to wait 6-8 hours for Creating Your account and review your account.
you will get notify by your email. 


2.Can't Log in on Picsbay Account.

#First Register and Create a Picsbay account and remember the username in password then Go to the log in page , you can see there is a box named username enter user name on this box in click to the log in button . if you can see there is a flash message with your name that's mean you have successfully enter your profile section but the profile is not visible because of our security patch V2
You can see a popup box where you can put your password then the page will be visible to you.

3.Can't Upload Photos

If You can't see the upload section then you have to refresh the page and wait 5-6 sec. then it will be visible to you.
If Upload Button Not working that's mean you have reached your daily uploads. Try again after a day.

4.Can't Download Photos

Choose a Image You liked and click on it , image post will be appear on that page , now you can click the image to get the  right size and will be open on other page with full regulation than you can save it..

2nd way of download image is select a image to download than click the image you will be redirect to the main post you can see the download button bellow the image click on that button your image will download automatically.

5.Can't find My ID

If you can't find your Picsbay ID that's mean you just got banned or Your account on the held section for doing spamming or something.
Or maybe your account Didn't Create Successfully.

after registration it will take 5-8 hours for review your account and create a platform for you . if you just register your account wait until get notification on email address.

6.Can't Find My Uploaded Photos.

# You can find your All photos that you Upload on your Profile , log in to your profile select the button name uploaded photos/ inventory/ Showcase you can find all the image you had uploaded.

7. Can't Find Email From our Picsbay Community

# If you can't Get our Email notification go and check it manually if you can't fine on email inbox check it to the spam section you will get our mail.

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