Strom View From The Boat

Click By: rdbishal
Photo Title : Storm View From The Boat
Location: Podma, Rajshahi
Device Name: K20 PRO
Photo Caption: Thunder Storm View From Middle of the river. It was a Very Stormy Weather. and little help of Light room i made a thunder stormy feel in the middle of the river. 

River Strom

A river storm is a meteorological phenomenon that can occur when there is a heavy rainfall or snowmelt, causing the river to flood and creating a dangerous and destructive situation. The rapidly rising water levels can cause severe damage to infrastructure, such as bridges and buildings, and can also result in loss of life.

During a river storm, it is important to stay away from the river and any low-lying areas that may be at risk of flooding. If you live or work near a river, it is important to have an emergency plan in place, including knowing evacuation routes and having emergency supplies on hand.

Additionally, river storms can also cause dangerous currents and debris in the water, making it extremely hazardous for boaters and swimmers. It is important to heed any warning signs or evacuation orders issued by local authorities, and to avoid entering the water during a storm.

To protect against river storm, communities can also implement measures such as building levees and flood walls, and creating floodplains to absorb excess water. It is also important to be aware of the weather forecast and to take appropriate action when a storm is forecasted.

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